Political Terms; Not the 4 Year Kind!

Because I’m so green when it comes to the political world, I can’t help but find myself dizzied by all of the terms that are thrown around in the news, by the political candidates and in everyday conversation. Below are just a few terms to help get our feet wet as we dive into all things politics! 


  • GOP: Grand Old Party is another name for the Republican Party, which is known for its conservatism. 
  • Delegate: Someone who is authorized to act as a representative for another. 
  • Electoral College: The body that formally chooses the United States President. 
  • Right Wing: A political position that supports established institutions and opposition to socialist developments. (myuniversalfacts.com)
  • Left Wing: A political position occupied by those with radical and reforming tendency toward social and political. (myuniversalfacts.com)

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