Who Would a 20 Year Old College Student Vote for?

In this interview, I simply sat down with a fellow college student and grilled (not really) them about how they plan to vote and why.

1. Who would you vote for? 

Right now I’m leaning towards Ron Paul. I know that Romney has been in the lead recently, but I don’t think that he’s sincere. Paul seems like the most conservative of the Republican candidates.

2. Why isn’t President Obama an option for you?

It just seems like America is waiting for a change, and I think that that has to start with a new President and a new outlook.

3. What kind of outlook do you think Americans are interested in?

It would be great to have a President who has new ideas. Something outside of weak promises and lofty thoughts of themselves.

4. What do you think that Ron Paul can do for America?

He’s great! Do I think that he’ll win? No, not really. I think that his ideas are so far above our heads that Americans aren’t positive that they should trust in him and let him do his job. He’s very intelligent and his ideas on government make sense.


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