Who Would a 50 Year Old Educator Vote For?

1. Which one of the republican candidates would you vote for and why is he a better choice than Obama?

I would vote for Rick Santorum because he comes closer to my values. Obama has done enough damage. 

2. Why is he a better choice than the other three Republican candidates?

I would vote for Santorum because he is the most electable and will ultimately “hurt me the least” and do the “least damage.”

3. What makes Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul not electable?

Romney keeps being blasted in the media for his religion. The press hasn’t really focused too much on the fact that he’s a Mormon, but they will if he’s elected. Gingrich has too much baggage and comes across as a hypocrite. Paul is too “out there” and even too old for some. 

4. Ideally, what do you want to see in a President?

A president that will have a strong defense, protect the borders and otherwise not create a “parent state.”


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