Who Would an Uneducated Young Adult Vote For?

These questions were asked of asked of a 20 year old who does not attend college but is in the work world. I wanted to interview a college student and someone who has not attended college in order to find the similarities and differences.

1. Who would you vote for?

From what I’ve heard Ron Paul sounds like a good guy. I don’t keep up with too many political issues, but he sounds pretty intelligent.

2. Why isn’t President Obama not an option for you?

We need a change! I was listening to the news, and heard about his stance on insurance companies covering contraceptives. Personally, I think that dives too far into our personal lives and religious beliefs. I’m not a fan really.

3. What are you looking for in a President?

Better decisions across the board. Improvement in the economy.

4. Do you think that Ron Paul can achieve those things? If so, why?

He’s a smart guy, from what I’ve heard. He’s a thinker, and I think America is a little intimidated by that, but it might be just what we need.


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