What is Super Tuesday?

What is Super Tuesday, and why is it so important? Maybe you’ve asked yourself this once or twice during this election season. Ask no more!

Super Tuesday is the Tuesday in either February or March during a presidential election year on which numerous states hold their primaries. 

This day is important to presidential candidates because they have the ability to win more delegates on this day than any other single day. 

This year’s Super Tuesday will be on March 6th. 

The states that are holding primaries or caucuses on Super Tuesday as well as the number of delegates are:

  • Alaska (caucus lasts two weeks)
  • Georgia (76 delegates)
  • Idaho (32 delegates)
  • Massachusetts (41 delegates)
  • North Dakota (28 delegates)
  • Ohio (66 delegates)
  • Oklahoma (43 delegates)
  • Tennessee (58 delegates)
  • Vermont (17 delegates)
  • Virginia (49 delegates)

Information found at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Tuesday


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