Stand Your Ground Law Makes

One of the biggest newsworthy topics is the fatal shooting of the unarmed, African American Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. 

Martin was shot by self-appointed neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, who claimed he was pursuing Martin through the neighborhood and shot him in self defense. 

Thousands, including celebrities and President Obama, have spoken out.

“All of us have to do some soul-searching to figure out how does something like this happen,” said Obama when answering a reporter’s question last week, “and that means that we examine the laws and the context for what happened as well as the specifics of the incident.”

Florida is one of 21 states that has the “Stand Your Ground Law” which allows people to use deadly force in a fight. 

Protestors on behalf of Martin are speaking out against this law because it may have been the driving force behind Zimmerman shooting Martin, rather than retreating. 

Had the races been reversed and Martin was white Hispanic and Zimmerman was black, there would be no delay on prosecuting Zimmerman for his wrong doing. 


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