Hooded Representative Reps Trayvon Martin

Last week, representative Bobby Rush stood up for what he believes is right when he stood up on the House floor wearing a hoodie in remembrance of Trayvon Martin, who was fatally shot late last month.

Many people have worn hoodies as a symbol of how they feel about the unfortunate situation.

Some people that I have spoken to about the situation have had a unanimous take on it.

Sophomore systems and industrial engineering major Travis Rodes from Houston said, “What happened should have never happened. We should see this for what it is. It’s sad and disheartening.”

When Rush pulled the hoodie over his head and put the sunglasses on and began making his statements about the case, he was reprimanded and asked to leave.

Rush was asked to leave because he was breaking the rules by wearing a “hat” while speaking.

Whether he was knowingly breaking the rules or not does not matter. What matters is that he stood up for what he believed in, made a statement, and drew attention to this sad case.



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