Texts From Hillary

Texts From Hillary has made its mark on the pop culture world, posting candid pictures of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

This tumblr account, http://textsfromhillaryclinton.tumblr.com/, made news all over for poking fun at Secretary Clinton, who is notoriously known for always being on her blackberry.

The site is a simple concept. It uses one photo of Hillary repeatedly, links it to photos of other well known people who are in the public eye, and, lastly, there is a caption on both photos.

According to the administrators of the Texts From Hillary tumblr page, The week had “32 posts, 83,000 shares on Facebook, 8,400 Twitter followers, over 45K Tumblr followers, news stories around the world, Renee Montagne from Morning Edition saying “ROFL,” a Maureen Dowd column, and a tweet from ?uest Love, we think it’s time to stop while we are ahead.”

There will be no more postings to Texts From Hillary because the administrators of the page were actually able to text with Secretary Clinton AND she submitted her own photo for the gallery.  What can top that?


*Image from Texts From Hillary tumblr page.



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