John Edwards Scandal

For years, former presidential candidate and former North Carolina senator has been apologizing for as well as covering up the scandalous affair he had with a former campaign worker.

America watched as he admitted to the wrong doing, objected the “false” allegations of being father of his lover’s baby, and was finally found to be the father of the child.

After years of drama because of this affair, Edwards is now on trial for allegedly paying off aids and his lover to keep mum about much of the incident. The only catch is that he was using campaign funds… uh oh. Because of this, Edwards is facing a world of hurt and legal suits.

Psychology major from Plano, Texas Alyssa Hoover said “I think it’s appalling. I mean his wife had cancer. Who does that and then uses campaign funding to cover it up. He has to be a low life.”



*photo from bioguide.congress.gove


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